At the Crossroads of Humanity

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Dear Readers:

In these days of global unrest and suppressed people’s determination to embrace freedom, it is time to pay tribute to our soldiers fighting in lands far from home: Men and women, who sacrifice their lives and futures for God, country, family, friends and people they don’t even know so that others may enjoy the same hallmark of liberties our free nations exercise.

What better way than to go back to the Second World War, when patriotism rang in our hearts because every freedom our ancestors preserved for us was at great risk, depending on whether the Third Reich, the Japanese or the Soviet Union developed the atomic bomb before the Allies? The Allies won that contest, but the threat of terrorist or criminal forces using nuclear weapons to gain their own ends remain with us today.

We know war is not fair. War is not just. War is hell on earth.

So, what drives an ordinary person to do extraordinary things in times of war? Why do people step up to the plate so willingly when called upon to do their duty? And even more significantly, what happens when everything they believe in fails? At the crossroads of humanity, faith and beliefs are shattered. The victims of atrocities can never forget what they have endured, so as long as victim and perpetrator seek retribution against the other, true peace can never be achieved.

What’s the answer? This question sets up what my novels explore: The true power of forgiveness and our struggle to achieve it.

My vision is to write about heroines who overcome betrayal and perilous odds to find lasting love in stories that explore the covert world of war, spies and political intrigue.

For intrigue that keeps you guessing, I hope you will bookmark this website and check in periodically to learn more about me and the latest about my books and works in progress.

Marching in faith,


Bonnie Toews


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