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  1. StoryFinds (@StoryFinds)
    January 21, 2013

    Hi Bonnie – We noticed you are listing The Consummate Traitor as a .99cent read on Amazon and wondered if you would like to feature your book tomorrow on StoryFinds under our Daily Special spotlight. We are now getting over 150,000 viewers. We will post your book to both our Facebook and twitter feeds. Tomorrow is day two of our major Kindle Fire giveaway contest which will drive more traffic to our site.

    Both our FREE and Daily Specials (books on sale and priced $1 or less) are a pay what you can service through and our email is We like to offer this pay what you can service to help support both Indie and traditionally published authors and all donations help to cover our computer programming costs. A number of authors have asked what the average donation is and it’s between $15-$20 per book listing, but truly up to the individual.

    Please let us know Bonnie if you would like us to add your book tomorrow to our listings.

    All the best,

    Renee D. Field, Founder, StoryFinds
    Digitally connecting readers with authors – Free & $1 reads
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