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“At daybreak, rays of light raced across the hills of Rwanda, touching the wet grass until every dewdrop glistened like tears streaming over the land.”

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A popular TV anchorwoman, Kendra Warren, has everything — wonderful parents, wealth and a celebrity career. But there are gaps in her life. She doesn’t know where she has been or what she has done.

German drug czar, Baldur Ketmann, feels abandoned when his identical twin brother dies. In grief and desolation, he discovers his twin masterminded the release of an unstable antimalaria drug to peacekeepers in Rwanda. They are his unwitting guinea pigs.

Ordered to investigate the claims of an informant warning the United Nations of a planned genocide in Rwanda, U.S. private security operative Rhys Jamieson, a man of mixed heritage, is forced to deal with long-ago demons.

When Kendra’s TV ratings drop, she fears losing her job. Just one newsbreaking scoop could put her back on top, so she returns to the heart of Africa, where she witnesses the UN’s failure to stop the Rwandan genocide. When one peacekeeper commits suicide, Kendra is convinced the antimalaria drug is behind the soldier’s mental breakdown as she took the same drug on a news assignment to Angola and blames it for her blackouts. The drug trail leads to Baldur Ketmann, but just as she is about to break the story on camera, Rhys Jamieson presents evidence of her parents’ secret past and her connection to the drug scandal. Kendra is not who she has always believed she is.

With her life now in shambles, Kendra struggles with the lies of her parents, her shameful past and the debilitating side effects of the antimalaria drug Ketmann’s company has produced, while lurking in the shadows, an assassin stalks her.He’s already killed a former spymaster. If she gets too close to the truth, he’s been ordered to kill her too.

SETTINGS: Canada, Rwanda, Germany and the United States.

TIME: 1994

From the author of Before the Scarlet Dawn, Rita Gerlach: I think when we hear the word ‘Rwanda,’ images of such tragic proportions come to mind. Many of us want to shield ourselves from the inhumanity of the genocide that took place there. But, it is not something that can be swept away with time. Covert Denial, an intrigue thriller written by Bonnie Toews, grips the reader with a story that not only brings awareness of man’s inhumanity to man, woman and child but also plants in our hearts the determination not to allow anything like this to happen again, yet still it does, in the Congo, Darfu and many other countries in Africa and around the world. Covert Denial reminds us to denounce more Holocausts. It is a novel about survival and sacrifice. Her heroine Kendra Warren comes toe-to-toe with evil, at the same time as she faces a past that shatters everything she believes in about herself and about the ones she loves. Bonnie Toews’ page-turning narrative balances drama and intrigue with electric dialogue that brings this novel to life and connects the reader with Kendra and her story. 


Dallaire signing copies of his book Shake Hand...

Dallaire signing copies of his book Shake Hands with the Devil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This novel is written in tribute to the UN peacekeepers who stood their ground when the world turned its back on the genocide they witnessed, but especially to the one man who has never let us forget and the two women who uncovered the truth: Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire (Ret.), Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) 1993-1994, also author of SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL, CTV’s host of W5 in October 1997, Christine Nielsen and her researcher, Kit Melamed, who disclosed the antimalarial drug scandal and discovered the official proof.  


Author’s Notes:

When I returned home from my magazine assignment to cover the humanitarian relief movement to Rwanda in 1994, I broke down crying to my husband, “I never held the hand of one child.”

“What makes you think you were supposed to?” Wally asked.

“I believed God sent me–that my whole life was preparation for this one journey. I know God protected me, but I expected to be able to cuddle and comfort the children.”

“And if you had held one child’s hand?”

“I wouldn’t have come home.”

“God knows what’s in your heart,” he explained gently, “but that’s not why He sent you. How many peacekeepers did you interview? How many were hurting because no one listened to what they saw and experienced?”

The traumatic suffering I absorbed as I listened to each one came back to me, and I understood.

“I was God’s arms comforting them.”

“That was your mission,” my husband told me as he held me in his arms. 

 The Mucyo Commission Results:


French soldiers stationed in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994 were accused of “widespread rape” by a Rwandan commission investigating France’s role during the conflict. The Mucyo Commission, released in September 2008, confirmed evidence that French soldiers trained the Interahamwe, the extremist Hutu militia responsible for most of the killing, and even provided them with weapons. 

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