Trip to Central Africa

Bonnie and John in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro with children from the Maasia tribe in Tanzania.

After my husband died, I met a widower, John Christiansen, who has become my life partner. In September 2013, we took our first trip together — to Tanzania in Central Africa. It was a life-changing experience for us, partly because John climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro at 77 years old — the second oldest man to achieve this. The oldest on record was 84. Prior to his climb, we went on a camping safari and saw all the wild animals we hoped to see in their natural environment.

Here, John and I are in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro with children from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania.



I have written a booklet for our grandchildren that we would like to share wiAfrica cover2th readers and interested viewers. Please email me at if you wish me to send you a PDF copy at no cost to you.







Bonnie at orphanage

In it, I also describe our experience at the Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre in Moshi, Tanzania. Here, we met children with the most precious love of life. There are presently 52 abandoned children (most are orphans) in care.


Our guide was 17-year-old Agness Athumani, who stays at the orphanage to help loAgness in orphanage2ok after the younger children. This picture is taken in one of the girls’ dorm rooms, which has two sets of bunk beds three tiers high. Two girls sleep in each bunk. The girls keep their rooms very neat and clean. I was also pleased to see their mattresses were made of foam, which provides adequate support for their young bodies and is very comfortable. You’ll notice mosquito netting attached to each bunk as well. Malaria is a constant threat for young children in Tanzania. Both of our safari guide’s sons – six months and three-years-old – were taken to hospital with malaria while he was on tour with us.

You can visit the orphanage’s home web site at and on Facebook at

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